Maternity Leave UK Course.

You don’t have to choose between being a good mother and building your career

The renowned Mindful Return Maternity Leave Course is a four-week e-course and online community that sets professional women up for success on return to work and provides tools to confidently navigate life as a new working mother.

(Yes, even during Covid-19.)

Renowned in the US, the course now has a UK-focused edition of the course!

Registration for the next session of the UK course is open!


Learn more and register via the UK course webpage.

Chibi T.,
research scientist and
first-time mum to a 6-month old

I took the course because I was worried about how my return to work would affect my six-month-old baby and how I would cope with both home and office work. I am happy to say that the course was super helpful: The course content, pace and questions are truly well thought out.

Professionally, I’ve gained so much insight on the valuable transferable skills motherhood is equipping me with, so I feel empowered and more confident about returning to work as an improved worker (not liability). I also greatly value the long-term strategies for navigating the complexities of returning to work after maternity leave.

Personally, the awareness that I’m not alone (thank you fellow Mindful Return Mamas!) has been hugely helpful. The opportunities to interact via thoughtful questions and/or calls to action after each lesson helped me make more decisive actions and stay motivated throughout the four-week course - as opposed to solo/self-paced online tutorials.

I feel like this course should be more widely advertised to ensure that more returning-to-work mothers are aware of it.  It’s really valuable.

first-time-mum, lawyer

As I complete these modules, from one day to the next, I feel more empowered and confident.


I started this course feeling very much out of the loop work-wise. I felt like I will be out of my depth on my return to work.


I genuinely am in a very different headspace now.  I think it would be vastly beneficial for Mindful Return to be offered by default to any employee who falls pregnant.

hotelier executive,
mum of a 4-month-old and a 6-year-old

It’s no secret new parents are pushed for time. But if you’re wanting to get started on your job successfully after you come back from maternity leave then Anya and Lori will help you.


Taking this course is a great option for every parent, it gives you confidence and provides recommendation for any problem you might think about during your new life with a baby.


I took this course during my second maternity and It was also very helpful. I wish I knew about this course before.

Registration for the next session of the UK course is open!


Learn more and register via the UK course webpage.