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All you need to know about pelvic floor in eight short videos

Updated: May 4, 2020

In this exclusive interview to Anya Smirnova, Amanda Savage covers all the key topics on female pelvic health, focusing on pregnancy and childbirth. Watch the videos for the full answer and read the summary to select the videos to watch and as a reminder of the points covered:

  1. What is pelvic floor?

  2. Four things all women should do

  3. Advice to pregnant women

  4. What to do after giving birth?

  5. Why see a women’s health physio and what to expect?

  6. How to start doing pelvic floor exercises at home?

  7. Pelvic floor exercises: how many and how often?

  8. Struggling with the exercises? Learn a trick to connect with your pelvic floor muscles.

Amanda is a women's health physiotherapist with 20+ years of experience and the Public Relations Officer for the UK's Association of Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapists. Amanda writes a very informative blog for new mums and mums to be:

The POGP can provide you with a list of women's health physios near you - contact them here. Alternatively, the Squeezy App is building up a directory of specialist physios.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is included as standard in our Olympic Support Team postnatal recovery programme, delivered by highly-skilled specialist physiotherapists as part of a multidisciplinary team of vetted perinatal specialists.

WOMEN IN LAW: Reach out. Want to kickstart your career after mat leave without compromising your health, enquire about our Professionals & Health coaching. One-off consultations, customised programmes and corporate events. Contact to book a chat.

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