I'm Anya Smirnova, transformational coach, mum of two, blogger, podcast host and former lawyer.

I help women in high-pressure jobs prepare for and go through life shifts because "shift happens!"

I do this through deep transformational one-on-one work.


I also run the UK chapter of the renowned Mindful Return Maternity Leave Course.

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Transformational coaching for women longing for a meaningful and fulfiling life.


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A 4-week course that sets women up for success on return to work after maternity leave. 

Matleave Course


mum of Skye,
senior legal counsel at ENGIE

Anya is knowledgeable, professional and full of excellent advice, often on things you may not even have previously considered. I would highly recommend Anya. 

Anya's sessions hugely helped me to gain "myself" back. Everything was tangled and I felt I'm drowning and lost in a busy life of parenting, searching for a new career direction and an endless to-do list. Anya helped me to untangle things, discover who I am at the core, and create a clear map to follow in my life.

Anya’s guidance was invaluable. Our ongoing conversations prompted me to check in with myself during a time when you rarely think of anything else aside from your baby.

mum of two,


mum of Maya, lawyer


  My gift to you.

Where are you in your motherhood journey right now?

From Lawyer

to motherhood

The Ultimate Transition Checklist

As a new mum, I was surprised by the many things that transition to motherhood holds that are not spoken about. Now I pass pregnant women on the street, thinking "Someone should tell them...".


This free guide "From Lawyer to Motherhood: the Ultimate Transition Checklist" tells what I learnt,

in ten stories.  

Return to Work

After Maternity Leave

Your Pocket A to Z

Going back to work after maternity leave is challenging in any circumstances. Try doing it during a global pandemic, and you would want all the support you can get.

This checklist is your pocket A to Z to a successful transition back to work, personally and professionally. Download it for free.



#LawyerLifeExperiment podcast is a duo with my wonderful friend and fellow lawyer-turned-coach Frieda Levycky. 


In 20-30 min fortnightly episodes, Frieda and I use our experience as lawyers and coaches to address the myriad of day-to-day issues which make every lawyer question whether work-life balance is ever achievable. We know it is!


Join us every couple of weeks as we set theories and test out ways to help you have more balance, better health and more fulfilment in your lives.

Available on Spotify, Apple Podcast and other platforms.