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One-on-One Coaching.

These are examples of challenges I help my clients with:

  • Which direction do I want my life to go?

  • I feel out of balance.

  • I want to utilise my full potential.

  • I feel I am sleepwalking through life.

  • I am not growing, I do not feel challenged.

  • I feel lost in a busy life with no clear direction.

  • I feel stagnant in my personal or professional life.

  • How to step out of stress and feeling overwhelmed?

  • Family/friends/colleagues advise me to do this and that, but I can't decide what's right for me.

  • I want to prepare for a big life transition or am struggling through one (eg a career leap or an identity shift after becoming a parent).


I help my clients get clarity on who they are, their life direction and find balance and the kind of fulfilment that truly nourishes the person and her work. I use a unique combination of coaching skills, expertise in women's health, alongside parenting, business and entrepreneurial acumen to engage in deep transformational one-on-one work.


The first step is for us to have a complimentary chemistry session (phone or zoom) to help you clarify issues, get a taster of what coaching with me feels like and if it feels like a resonant fit, we will discuss logistics, fees, and agree on the next steps.

Contact me to book your free chemistry session.

mum of two,

Anya's sessions hugely helped me to gain "myself" back.


Everything was tangled and I felt I'm drowning and lost in a busy life of parenting, searching for a new career direction and an endless to-do list.


Anya helped me to untangle things, discover who I am at the core, and create a clear map to follow in my life.

mum of Skye,
senior legal counsel at ENGIE

Finding a work-life balance can be hard, and it often depends on the job you have or even your individual boss.


I would advise you talk to Anya and spend time working on your goals and priorities to help steer your life onto a track you are happy with.

mum of Maya, lawyer

Anya’s guidance was invaluable. Our ongoing conversations prompted me to check in with myself during a time when you rarely think of anything else aside from your baby.

my COACHING approach.

There is an old story about two salesmen sent to a foreign country to assess the market for shoes. Salesman One scouts around for a few days and reports back to the company headquarters: "Research complete. Absolute disaster. Nobody here wears shoes." Likewise, Salesman Two does his research and telegraphs back: "Research complete. Glorious opportunity! Nobody here wears shoes!" 

We see the world through a narrative we tell ourselves. This internal voice shapes our feelings, fears, decisions, self-image and what we see more present in our life - anxiety or confidence, dissonance or balance, feeling stuck or seeing opportunities. I help my clients connect with the supportive voice, gain confidence in self and learn to use their internal resources. Such self-discovery and integration of internal resources become your powerhouse in meeting life challenges and creating a sustainably fulfilling and successful life.

My client is a woman aged 30 - 45 who has young or school-aged children and is navigating identity and priorities shifts after becoming a parent, longs for more balance and fulfilment in life and work, feels overwhelmed by a busy life, wants to strengthen her confidence, desires to utilise her potential or contemplates a career change. 


I also coach women who are going through a health challenge (from postnatal to perimenopause), often supporting them alongside treatment or recovery journey, to help them achieve their health recovery goals. With many health challenges, the change or recovery happens beyond the medical intervention through systematic lifestyle changes that many people struggle to follow through. Health goals can be one of the coaching goals alongside other personal and professional goals.

During our sessions we will be talking, but not as you would with your partner, friend or colleague. As a coach I have no other agenda than your success - I am always on your side. Together, we will design what we need for an open and deep dialogue and to build a trusting and supportive relationship. Coaching is a safe place for experimenting with thoughts and feelings. Anything you share in coaching is held confidential.

I coach in English and Russian.


I use various techniques: visualisation, imagery, mindfulness, movement and somatic exercises, efficiency and lifehack tools, suggest practices and book recommendations. I use coaching mastery alongside women's health, parenting and business acumen.


At the end of each session, we agree on homework and accountability. The choice of techniques and homework depends on your needs, learning style and appetite for challenge.

I have a wide network of vetted practitioners that can help address areas beyond my expertise like psychotherapists, women's health specialists, etc and you and I can discuss referrals where the need occurs.

Through working together so closely, you will be gaining a deep understanding of who you are and discovering the secrets of your personal mastery. That awareness and skills will become the foundation for our coaching programme and also your life-long toolbox of personal and professional fulfilment and success. You will be developing a habit of using those skills beyond our coaching relationship. We will also be applying those foundations to create a practical action plan.


You will leave knowing who you are, with a clear plan as to how to live a fulfilling life, equipped with practical tools and skills to live a life that has more ease, joy, abundance and meaning.


The first step is for us to have a chat (~45min, phone or zoom) to meet each other, clarify the challenges and map out how to approach them. You will have a taster of my coaching and if it feels like a resonant fit, we will discuss fees, logistics and schedule in our first coaching session.

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