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ReInvent is a series of exclusive interviews to inspire and support working parents and carers.


Stories of women and men who, often without knowing it, champion change in their communities and workplaces. 

Stories that tell life experiences that are unique but also so common, we recognise ourselves in them. 

They are not an instruction to follow, but an inspiration to reflect on your choices and to see what is possible.

To show you that you are not alone. There is a community of professionals who want to recalibrate their lives after becoming parents or carers because they are career ambitious and want to be more present for their families. 


To inspire you to explore different ways of living a fulfilling life. To ReInvent. And once you do, you will open doors for others to follow. You become a champion in your community. 

ReInvent yourself! We've got your back!

Be inspired. Follow us. Share us.

Elsa Weatherley-Godard,
Senior Legal Counsel with ENGIE

Elsa Weatherley-Godard, is a Senior Legal Counsel with ENGIE. She started this full-time position a year ago when her daughter, Skye, was nine months old. Elsa's partner, Carl, also works full-time as the General Counsel in a London ship-owning company. Elsa and Carl shared parental leave. Continue reading.

shared parental leave.jpg
Carl Sheppard,
GC of a London Shipowning Company

Carl Sheppard is the General Counsel of a London shipowning company. He and his wife Elsa are both lawyers and decided to share parental leave. Carl was the first in his company to take a shared parental leave and, guided by his experience, wrote his company's shared parental leave policy. Continue reading. 

Jane Lacy,
Senior Manager at AWS

Mum of four, Jane is a Senior Manager, World Wide Public Sector Partners at Amazon Web Services, leading a team of 50 in charge of 2,000+ AWS partner relationships. And she calls all of them her children. She shares her 25+ year story of working motherhood and lessons learned. Continue reading.

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