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Resources for Adults on Lockdown

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I've got a five-page list of resources for kids. But adults need entertainment on lockdown even more than kids do, to keep us sane!

Here are my favourites:


Learn a new instrument & Support a local artist

Music is good for your soul. Artists are having a hard time with all the gigs and concerts cancelled. I am a big advocate of learning to play the Ukulele, it's something you can do with 5-10 min daily practice. To find a local artist: ask your local FB group.

Learn to play the Ukulele with Cynthia Lin

She is an amazing teacher and has created a whooping 300K ukulele community online. She generously posts free lessons on Youtube (can keep you going for a year). Or you can become her Patron on Patreon (from $1 per month) to get access to more of her lessons.

Check out beginner ukuleles on this store or call them, they are super-helpful:

Go to a theatre... virtually

The Hampstead Theatre online performance “I and You” will be accessible at any time online between 23 and 29 March. Click here.

The National Theatre will be offering free online performances every Thursday starting on 2 April with One Man Two Guvnors starring James Corden. Check it out here.


WOMEN IN LAW: Join our weekly Monday Morning Inspirations while the lockdown lasts. Contact to book a chat if you would like to explore our Executive & Health Coaching.



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