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Who am I being that they are not shining?

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

As a parent or a soon-to-be-parent, when you see a teenager who looks disconnected, what do you decide to think of her? That she is bored and resigned? Or you choose to believe in her greatness, now dimmed because she might feel unheard, misunderstood and not taken for an adult she is soon to become. 

Remember yourself as a teenager, when you were cross with your parents and thought that you would never do or be the same way when you would become a parent?

Perspectives change us. But we can choose our perspectives.

As CEOs, GCs, partners and team lead lawyers at every level, and as parents, it makes all the difference who it is we decide we see in front of us.

Who are you being that your child or team are not shining?

Who are you being that you are not shining?



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