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What to do when you don't know the solution

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

When you have a problem, you start by looking for a solution in the obvious place. It's a smart move and works most of the time. If you want to change your job, the obvious place is to start talking to your connections and headhunters, not your GP. But if the problem is a longstanding one, if it hasn't been solved in a while, then you have exhausted the obvious places, and also the less-obvious ones. This is when you need to look in other places, places you forgot, places you've never been to. It's probably a place that feels uncomfortable, risky or difficult. Such journeys are better done with a guide who will recognise patterns, who will be ready to help you explore and search for the answer you seek. YOUR answer.

Anya Smirnova is a coach focusing on women in law. A lawyer-turned-coach, Anya helps professional women recalibrate their lives after childbirth.

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