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Commitment paradox

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Many successful, smart, strong-willed people struggle to make a change. To leave the job they dread to wake up to, to get on track with their health, to make a career leap, to leave an unfulfilling relationship. They long the change, but something is blocking them. Here is the thing: a 99% commitment to something is very hard, a 100% commitment is easy. What is the 1% that is holding you back?


A lawyer-turned-coach, Anya Smirnova has been delivering executive coaching and health coaching since 2015. She loves supporting women to realise their full potential, particularly at times of transition in career/life when choices feel like “either/or” and the temptation is high to trade in dreams and ambitions for the security of the well-known. Her mission is to support more women to have senior positions while being fulfilled in their lives and careers.



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