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How to transform relationships from liabilities to assets

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Our relationships shape the way we experience life. They create our ecosystem and impact our personal and professional lives, our health and mental state. Some relationships are assets and some are liabilities. Relationships continuously evolve and change in shape, colour and intensity. And there hardly is a more impactful trigger to reshaping our relationships than becoming a mum (think relationships with your baby, partner, parents, friends old and new, community) and then a working mum (think boss, colleagues, clients). 

With my coaching clients, we give a lot of attention to examining the woman's system of relationships and learn to build and maintain more assets than liabilities. This is the part of my job that I love most - standing with the client and looking out with them at their world and helping them become skilful designers of their relationships in their world. If you want to learn about your system, reach out to me and we'll find a time for a call.

I invite you to prioritise relationships everywhere - whether you are preparing to become a mum, or returning to work after mat leave, or working from home during the pandemic, or flex working, or homeschooling - putting relationships over the job done is the strategy to long-term success. But I have not yet written a dedicated article to relationships. So here it comes.

I will be exploring the topic of relationships throughout February. Starting with the toxic work relationships as a gateway to toxic relationships in general.

Toxic work relationships

In Episode #5 of our podcast, Frieda and I explore the topic of toxic work relationships. As private practice lawyers, we have a thing or two to say about these. 

We explore the types of toxic environments. Their impact on our lives and health. How much our mindset and personal factors influence our experience of toxicity. We muse on whether reaching out to HR and/or line manager for support actually works. And we finish off with an experiment to help you manage and cope with the toxicity in your life. Listen to the latest episode on Spotify or Apple Podcast here.



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