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The right way to parent, or to do anything really

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

The fun thing about The Right Way is that it is different everywhere you go. Look at parenting, for example. My family connects four cultures - British, French, Italian and Russian. And every one of them has a different view on what are the right foods for pregnancy, birth choices, what is best for your baby's feeding, bathing, sleeping, managing maladies, on the work-life balance for a woman who became a mum, you name it.

It is confusing and liberating.

The immediate world you live in - your family, friends, work, colleagues, neighbourhood - shape and maintain your views on what's right. But if you peek into the world of a friend who has something different in their system (profession for example) - their world will have a different view of what's normal.

It's all invented.

Two persons looking out the same window at the same time will see a different picture and have a different experience of the same stimuli.

Lucky for us, today we live in a world of possibility. The COVID-imposed working from home showed it so well. People who were previously sceptical about distance / flexible working were forced to find solutions and saw that it is possible when you put effort into it. Step by step, it becomes the new normal.

For working parents, there is a world of possibility to create a balanced way of living. Within my native legal profession, in particular, working parents will be so much happier and therefore motivated and productive if they find their true balance and employers open up to making that happen.

Allow yourself to step into the world of possibility.

Anya Smirnova is a coach focusing on women in law. A lawyer-turned-coach, Anya helps professional women recalibrate their lives after childbirth.

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