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to fly, embrace falling

Updated: May 7, 2021

As one Olympic sportsman put it: "In ski jumping, the person who leans forward most wins. And if you lean forward too much - you fall on your face."

If you want to succeed in something, you need to be prepared to fall on your face.

With parenting, you do it every day.

You lean forward because you have to, your children depend on you. Sometimes you do well, and sometimes you fall, and your children do not hesitate to let you know about it. It's continuous learning through trial and error. Just when you master to deal with your child's current growth stage, your child enters a new phase.

The thing is that we see parenting in action since the time we are born. We find it normal that our parents can be wrong. In other areas, however, we tend to hear only success stories and are afraid of failure.

Afraid of being the first to say the words of love in fear of being refused. Afraid of speaking up at a meeting with a viewpoint that might be unpopular. Afraid of going against the traditional way even when it feels outdated.

If you want to succeed in something - parenting, career, relationships, work-life balance, pioneering something - surround yourself with people who will help you up when you fall and lean forward.



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