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If Your Holiday Plans Have Been Ruined

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

What are the things you have been looking forward to most about the holidays?

Many Governments around the world have just thrown our festive cheer into a spiral of disappointment.

😳 what??! (denial)

😡 why so late?! why did they allow a 5-day Xmas bauble in the first place?! (anger)

🤔 probably we can just about use the support bubble exemption? 🤫 (bargaining)

😩 no, we shouldn't, this is cheating, and we put the health of people we care about at risk (sadness)

😞 it is sad to have the plans cancelled last minute, but it is what it is (acceptance)

My family was looking forward to welcoming my in-laws for a Christmas bauble in London. The PM's 'Tier 4' announcement sent us straight into those emoji stages of grief at the loss of our holiday plans.

So I hear you. We were sooo close to an almost 'normal' holiday, it's frustrating.

🙂 But given our new parameters, what small or big thing you can do to bring some festive cheer and enjoy the holiday break? I am not giving in to this year's surprises!

So this year, at 5pm on 24 December our neighbourhood sings together from the windows to lift spirits and shoo away this year's isolation.

Keep safe and happy holidays!



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